Tubes with Molded Connectors

Tubing sets and connectors are readily available at Minnesota MedTec.

We have standard connectors such as luers and swivels that are used on most devices so little tooling is needed when starting projects.

Our tooling capability is generally able to molds in two to three weeks.

Contact us for any new or unusual product or component need.

Peelable Tubes

Minnesota MedTec makes three different types of peelable tubes.

  1. PTFE
  2. Scored tubes
  3. Non miscible materials

Splittable tubes are produced for applications such as balloon covers and introducers that require protection but must be removed prior to use. There are many advantages for the splittable properties such as preventing coating damage on balloons and minimize radiation effects to physicians.

The primary reason for the various types of peal able types is based on the required materials used for the introducer.


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