At Minnesota MedTec, we offer a wide array of molding services:

Minnesota MedTec has been molding medical parts for over twenty five years and have become experts in molding single components as well as insert molded parts.

The most common materials we use are Nylon, Pebax, HDPE, and silicone.

We can use our standard hub molds with inserts for a variety of sizes allowing us to use our in house molds so you don’t have to purchase them for prototyping.

Various medical components, medical component molding examples

Insert molding combines materials for various purposes. Metal and plastics or even catheters can be inserted and molded into a single unit. The process makes use of specifically designed assemblies for improved performance and unique attributes.

One of the most common insert molded parts at Minnesota MedTec is a hub for a swivel.  A PTFE lined shaft is inserted into a mold and a hub is molded around the shaft where a swivel connector can be pressed onto it and can be used to attach to special luer connector.

Insert molding and over molding can be used interchangeably in certain circumstances.  Insert molding is generally used when an insert is placed into a cavity and plastic is molded around the parts where over molding is when a plastic part is molded over a part.

We commonly mold hubs and manifolds over shafts and other components used in medical devices.  Most parts are tested 100% for leaks and cross communication with molding over dual lumen shafts and other multi level components.

Parts can be produced at a low costs when compared to conventional machining operations by making a mold and molding parts automatically or semi automatically in low volume conditions.

This molding operation can be performed using a variety of custom colored material of made of a material with nano lot control systems embedded in the resin that may only be seen under a microscope. Another interesting product is a glow in the dark hub for medical devices so when the lights are lowered during a time that the fluoroscope is being used, The catheter hub can still be seen to prevent any unexpected movement.

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