Tube Processing

Tube Processing

At Minnesota MedTec we are famous for our tube processing. After years of designing medical products, our engineers left their jobs to focus on the medical device tube processing as the extrusion industry just wasn’t able to provide tubes that were adequate.

All materials need to be properly handled and controlled based on it’s physical and chemical requirements.

Some of the materials we manufacture must be extruded on two separate days because of the way each specific lot of resin was formulated. Each lot manufactured can have a significant affect on the material shrinkage and we sometimes have to extrude a sample and allow a day to verify what shrinkage we will have with this particular lot.

Its fascinating how the properties can be adjusted with the extrusion process.  A few of the property changes are below

  1. Tensile increase/decrease
  2. Elongation increase/decrease
  3. Chemical resistance
  4. Shrinkage of the material
  5. Tensile modulus
  6. Burst strengths