Minnesota MedTec are experts in manufacturing sheaths.

Sheaths are available in many varieties, shapes, and sizes. Sheath sizes are  designed using a variety of ISO regulations but vary based on specific needs of customers.

Some customers declare the french size designation to be the ID of a sheath and others declare it to be the OD  based on the use. For example, some advertise that a 6 fr. sheath is one that passes a six french catheter (actual dimensions can vary based on the product passing through the space) while others are more interested in the outside diameter of the catheter so they advertise that the catheter OD is six french.

What is a french anyway? A french is a third of a mm and is used originally as most catheters weren’t round.  The doctors were concerned of how much space the catheters took up in bodies.  Vessels and ducts are able to conform to oval objects so the physicians would roll the catheters on a french scale to determine the amount of space the catheter takes up so they know what size vessels they can fit the device into. Standard French sizes eventually took hold as the processing methods became available to produce round catheters.  Don’t listen to Wikipedia.

At Minnesota MedTec we produce sheaths with coils, 16 carrier braid, 32 carrier braid, extruded, split-able,  reflowed, centerless ground and many other methods and a variety of materials. Just complete the quote form and we will give send you the prices.