Minnesota MedTec have been making dilators for more then 20 years and has used this experience to to assist customers in specifying the perfect dilator for almost any applications.

We have a large base of knowledge using a variety of materials for dilators. The materials, wall thicknesses, and tolerances are very important aspects for our customers dilators.  Dilators must be advanced over a guide-wire and through the desired sheath or auxiliary component and provide a smooth introduction into vessels  to its specified location easily.  We prefer using polyethylene based materials for dilators because the low coefficient of friction and the hardness/wall thickness can be adjusted by the mixing HDPE and LDPE to the desired result.

Our dilators must have very smooth finishes using our proprietary sizing die technology during our extrusion process that shapes the outside diameter and applies the surface finish of the part to the desired size and smoothness.  In some applications, we are required to make the surfaces with a mat finish.

We stock many sizes, lengths, and can provide them with hubs molded onto them for most applications.