Swivel Connectors

Swivel connectors are one example of a connector that we produce on a standard bases that is used to connect two components together and provide a direct push style connector with greater security.

Along with swivel connectors, we make parts that can be attached with a snap or compression pull system.

The advantages of a swivel connector verses a rotating connector is that the part that is being  attached can be installed with a better precision and won’t rotate  when being attached.  In some cases this can be important attribute if in many situations where the mating catheterizes orientation is critical.

Flared Tubes

Flared tubes are a simple process and can be completed using three methods.

RF –  Radio frequency generators have been used for many years to heat treat metals and is also used to heat metal dies quickly due to the inherent capability of the process to heat up quickly and also cool quickly.  We generally use this process for flaring and forming tips onto catheters.  It has a fast cycle time and the cost of the tooling is minimal.

Heat-  Using cartridge heating systems are the lowest cost for tooling and makes flaring and product tipping quickly but the quality of the part isn’t as controllable as the RF tipping.

Ultrasonic- Ultrasonic tipping and flaring isn’t selected as often as  the heat or the RF processes are as the tooling costs can be much higher and has a limited range of uses.  Ultrasonic welding is most productive when the process can use flat surfaces to create the shapes.

Extruded Marker Bands

Minnesota MedTec manufactures products that use various styles of markerbands. The cost of the bands can be a significant expense when used.

Certain marker bands we purchase, and a variety of them we produce from tungsten, gold or platinum wire which we wind into coils that are placed onto catheters and bonded or reflowed into place.

Minnesota MedTec now offers low cost extruded marker bands that are use in many applications depending on the product design.  We extrude marker bands with very fine Tungsten power in at a variety of percentages to adjust the visibility of the band during medical procedures.

Multi-Durometer and Composite Shafts

Minnesota MedTec has become an expert at providing high quality multi durometer catheter shafts.

Coronary guide catheters and many others require the use of catheters with areas of various durometers to provide attributes to access specific locations in human bodies.

Some of the attributes our customers look for are kink resistance, torque control, flexibility, and pushability.

At Minnesota MedTec we have perfected the art of combining these attributes and provide exclusive designs and configurations to our customers needs.  As an example, we can attach a braid section for torque next to a section that has a coil in it for kink resistance then top it off with a tip markerband and an inflation lumen and a balloon.

Let us know what you need and we can produce it.

Miniature Screws & Hubs

Minnesota MedTec has been offering miniature screws and hubs for over 23 years.  Stainless steel  laser welded cables for delivering various objects through our catheters and used to release objects into specific areas of human anatomy.

The cables come with a handle and are sized to be from 3 fr. to 8 fr. depending on your specific needs.

Medical components, closeup

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