Resin Days

Minnesota MedTec Announces Resin Days

At Minnesota MedTec we are currently offering discounts on setup and production fees for short runs of specific resin families.  By allowing flexible time frames and short runs of similar resin extrusions we can pass along the savings to you!

Currently we are offering the following deals: 

Finished Length: 
  • 250 ft for $500
  • 1000 ft for $600
Resin Type: 
  • Pebax 55D-72D
  • Grilamid L25
  • Pellethane 80A
  • PVC 6811
 Additional Specifications:
  • Measured with Pin/Snap Gauge
  • Tolerance ± .002″
  • OD .020 – .200
  • AQL 4.0. 

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Are you looking for additional post-extrusion processing? At Minnesota Medtec we offer reflow, molding, tipping, flaring, braiding, and pad printing to name just a few, contact us today to learn how we can help you!